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VERO App Programming Two Way Radio VR-N75

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VERO App Programming Two Way Radio VR-N75
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  • VR-N75 two way radio comes with short messages via radio signal, GPS+Beidou double star positioning, location sharing, voice playback, map track, direction coordinates, distance display, speed information, temperature information, compass, altitude position , recording relay, network relay, Relay link and other emergency communication functions.
  • Product Overview

    VR-N75 comes with GPS and Beidou dual-star mode, which can locate itself. It is a very important function for rescue workers and outdoor teams. It is very helpful for finding teammates and searching for lost contacts. In the absence of a network, text messages and pictures can still be sent via radio signals, which is very useful.The IP67 waterproof rating provides a strong guarantee that the radio is still unblocked in most flood disaster situations.

    • AppProgrammable

      UHF 4w

      Type C Charging


      APRS Function

      No monthly Fees

      Global Walkie Talkie
      (Android Only)

      Cross Band Repeater From Netwok and Analog(Android Only)

      Quick Creat a team

    • GPS + Beidou positioning system

      VR-N75 comes with GPS+Beidou dual-star positioning system, no external support is required.
      Realize location sharing, map display, and track playback. And can realize Chinese and English short message sending and receiving, picture sending, offline map positioning, movement track display, voice playback and other functions without the network.

    • Position direction display

      VR-N75 supports position and direction display. The 1.77-inch color screen displays the distance, speed, latitude and longitude, altitude, direction, temperature and other information of teammates.
      And can clearly point out the teammate's orientation based on their position, and the arrow will automatically track the direction of the target at a glance.

    • Teammate location SMS

      VR-N75 supports the SMS function of teammate's location information. Whenever a teammate calls, the screen will receive the detailed information of the teammate's location and orientation, and form a list of SMS messages for query.

      There are three ways to send SMS
      1: without network, transmit through RF power
      2: When there is a network, text messages and pictures can be transmitted through the network unlimited distance
      3: You can send text messages or pictures to the selected person.

    •  Suitable for harsh environments

      VR-N75 is suitable for use in various outdoor and harsh environments.It meets IP67 waterproof and dustproof standard requirements.

    • Convenient charging method 

      VR-N75 directly uses TYPE C charging port, which can be directly charged with power bank and mobile phone charger, which is very convenient

    • Full-featured APP settings

      The VR-N75 allow to program the radio on Android and IOS device. All operations can be set via App, which is very convenient and fast.

      The App Download Link For Android:

      IOS APP is in developing, allows to set the frequency and some simple operations on it, other features will be available soon.

      Please visit App Store to download the app which named 'BS HT'.'

    • Global Walkie Talkie With No Platform Fee(Android Only)

      Creat a network channel on app, then invite people to join the same channel, no matter where you are, take a mobile phone or a Vero N series walkie-talkie, people can contact in real time.

      E.g : VERO Channel(en) , no password. Welcome to join it.

    • Cross Band Repeater from Network Channel to Analog Channel

      (Android Only)

      Join any network channel, turn on 'Relay Mode' function.

      1-When you receive an analog signal, it will be transmitted to the network channel at the same time.

      2-When you receive a network channel signal ,it will be transmitted to the analog signal.

      E.g : Channel 1 info

      438.500( Analog )

      VERO Channel(En) (Network )

      When the Radio receive the analog signal 438.500 MHz,the VR-N75 will be transimt the signal in VERO Channel . All people in VERO Channel will hear the voice from 438.500 ,if any people answers in VERO Channel, it will tranmit to 438.500MHz,so user at 438.500Mhz can hear the voice from Vero Channel.

    • Multiple Bluetooth connections

      VR-N75 two way radio supports to multiple bluetooth device connected

      1. Connect to bluetooth PTT

      2. Connect to bluetooth headset(e.g. Cardo, Schuberth, Viper, Sena, Interphone and Vimoto etc.) This is very useful for cycling enthusiasts, omitting the cumbersome wiring,

      3. Connect to cell phone to programming the radio.

      4. Connnect to bluetooth speaker microphone

      5. Connect to other bluetooth 2.0+ accessories.

    There are more features, such as create a team , location report, track a person, SSTV, CW etc. Awaiting for you experience.
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