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VR-N76 Dual Band Handheld Radio

VR-N76 Dual Band Handheld RadioItem NO.: VR-N76

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VR-N76 Dual Band Handheld Radio
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  • VERO Dual Band 7W Handheld 2-Way Radio :The VR-N76 is feature packed with bluetooth, GPS, on-board compass and more. It also includes an air copy function and FM radio. The radio has the ability to easily scan and check for activity. The VR-N76 offers a fully IP67 water proof design for full protection from any elements.
  • App Customizable : Using the HT App, you can easily customize all aspects of your radio. You can download offline maps for your next adventure and share your location with other users and text within the app. The VR-N76 is also firmware upgradeable using the free app.
  • Feature Packed Bluetooth, App programmable, On-board GPS, FM Radio, Air Copy, Transmit Time-Out, Busy Channel Lockout, SMS Messaging, 12 Channel Banks, Dual Watch, Adjustable Squelch, Location Request, Compass, and More?
    • Product Name: VR-N76 Dual Band Handheld Radio
    • Item NO.: VR-N76
    • Weight: 0.56 kg = 1.2346 lb = 19.7534 oz
    • Category: Handy Talkie > Network
    • Brand: VERO
    • Creation Time: 2024-05-31

    VR-N76 7W Radio: Experience Next-Level Communication

    Upgrade your communication with the VR-N76, the ultimate Dual Band radio featuring Bluetooth, GPS, Compass, and a Built-in Speedometer for a premium experience. Its easy-to-use interface, programmable with just a smartphone app, is perfect for anyone. The VR-N76 is also tough – it’s waterproof (IP67 rated) and tested for reliability in all kinds of settings. With its ability to share channels, long-lasting battery, and user selectable listening modes, it’s incredibly versatile.

    Key Features:

    1,.IP67 Waterproof Robust Construction and Submersible Design
    2.Versatile Communication Capabilities
    3.AM Band Receive(108-136MHz)  & FM Radio (88-108MHz)
    4.16 Channels in one Group Total 12 Groups
    5.Real-time data on teammates' locations and orientations, boosting situational awareness effectively.

    Benefits of APP over VR-N76

    Compared to traditional audio over two-way radio use, the VR-N76 has several advantages

      1. Network Communication: Facilitates network-based communication.
      2. Global Connectivity: Enables connection with friends worldwide via network links.
      3. SSTV Image Reception: Receives SSTV images through our powerful app.
      4. Morse Code Transmission: Sends Morse code via our app.
      5. Offline Maps: Downloads offline maps through our app, allowing easy location viewing without network access.
      6. Remote Control: Remotely controls local radios through our app, enabling frequency switching anytime.

      Due to the closed nature of Apple's system, some of the above features are only available on Android.

    **Revolutionizing Communication: The VR-N76 Bluetooth Radio**

    The VR-N76 distinguishes itself with true Bluetooth functionality, enabling robust offline programming and firmware updates without cellular service. This ensures security and practicality even in remote locations.

    Its seamless integration with Bluetooth audio systems enhances in-vehicle communication, while compatibility with AirPods and other Bluetooth headsets via the BS-PTT accessory improves mobility and comfort during operations.

    Overall, the VR-N76 represents a paradigm shift in wireless communication, combining audio, data transmission, and updates in one comprehensive device, exemplifying true Bluetooth integration for modern needs.

    **Continuous Firmware Updates *

    In the previous firmware update
    we added the capability to manually send APRS locations and included call signs and colons when sending short messages to achieve APRS information transmission.

    In the upcoming upgrade plan
    we expect to implement one-click frequency detection and CTCSS (Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System) detection.

    High Power To 7watts

    The VR-N76 supports full-band transmission in the UV Frequency, receiving capabilities from 350-520 MHz, aviation frequencies from 118-136 MHz, and FM radio reception from 88-108 MHz. When transmitting in the UV Frequency, it can reach a maximum power of 7W.

    Download APP on Google Play & Apple Store

    Download the “HT” Programmer App from the Google Play Store or “BS HT”Apple App Store to easily customize your VERO N Series radio. The application is not required, and all radio features can be used without the app. The HT Programmer makes advanced features a breeze to use.

    IP67 Waterproof 

    The VR-N76 is IP67 waterproof. The high grade IP67 waterproof case is designed for serious rugged outdoor use. The VR-N76 will continue to allow you to communicate in the harshest environments. IP67 allows the radio to be submersed in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

    Onboard GPS& Compass

    The VR-N76 includes a built-in gyroscope and compass. With these onboard tools, you can use the VR-N76 to see what direction you are going, what your current elevation is, and how fast you are currently moving. You can display your longitude and latitude position from on-board radio menus.

    Unique Signaling Settings 

    The VR-N76's unique signaling settings allow short messages to be sent between units without cellular data. The calling feature makes the recipient's radio ring, facilitating easy location by sound. The "Nearby People" feature enables real-time location feedback from companions.


    The VR-N76 two way radio  supports APRS operating on an independent channel, ensuring perfect functionality even when the radio is in dual-watch mode. For teams without callsigns, it can directly use the BSS protocol, making it compatible with different users and groups.

    16 Channles &12 Banks 
    The VR-N76 supports 16 channels per group, with a total of 12 editable groups. You can easily switch between groups using the customizable side key.

    TYPE-C charging

    The VR-N76 supports TYPE-C charging and the PD protocol, enabling you to use a portable power bank for charging. Say goodbye to bulky charging docks and tangled cables, and enjoy a worry-free experience with no battery anxiety.

    Technical Specifications

    • Frequency Range:
      UHF 400-470MHz &136-174MHz (Rx & Tx)
      * AM Band 108-136 MHz  (Rx Only)
       FM Band 88-108 MHz    (Rx Only)
       350-520 MHz   (Rx Only)
    • Memory Channel: 12Channel Banks, 16  Channels Each. 192 Total Channels: 
    • Output power: 7W
    • Battery Capactiy : 2600mAh 7.4 V
    • Privacy Tones (PL/DPL): All CTCSS and DCS tones are supported.
    • Accessory Jack: Specialized Waterproof M1 2 Pin Jack
    • Weatherproof Rating: IP67 Submersible and Waterproof
    • Additional Features: Single/Dual PTT Toggle Modes, Nuisance Channel Scan Skip, SOS Alarm, Transmit Time-Out, Busy Channel Lockout, Scanning Modes, Dual Watch, Adjustable Squelch

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