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How to use APRS on VR-N76 two way radio

Jun 18, 2024

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the VR-N76 for APRS

1. Ensure the device has successfully acquired GPS satellite signals. The indication of successful acquisition is the presence of date and time displayed in the status bar.

2. Open the menu and navigate to APRS settings.

3. Enter your callsign, desired path settings, and APRS passcode. You can generate an APRS passcode using various online calculators found through a Google search.

VR-N76 APRS setting
4. Save your settings.

5. Enter the data mode menu and enable the option. Select the automatic position sharing interval that suits your needs. Choose the digital channel where you want to send APRS information and set the format to APRS.
VR-N76 APRS setting

6. After configuring these settings, you can now transmit and receive APRS information using the VR-N76 transceiver.

7. If you only want to receive APRS information without transmitting, disable the automatic position sharing interval while keeping the enable menu option active.

Following these steps will enable you to effectively utilize the VR-N76 transceiver for APRS communications.

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