Build Quality?

Generally, the more you spend on a radio, the higher the build quality will be. Not always, though!

However, most people don’t need to worry too much about how tough your radio is built.

Anything inside a car or truck is generally safe and protected from the environment. So, you don’t need to care too much about how well your radio is built so long as it functions well as a transceiver.

However, mudders and off-roaders are in a different situation.

Mudding and other similar activities can bring the environment inside your vehicle. Cheaply built radios will fall quickly to these hobbies, so make sure to buy something well built!

Off-roading isn’t as harsh on your radio, but it does cause a lot of vibration, and sudden movements can transmit shock to your transceiver.

This can cause some ham radio units to fail. This can happen because of solder joints cracking, screws unscrewing, or a thousand other small issues that will add up over time.

So, if you’ve upgraded your vehicle’s shocks because you’re using them, you might want to consider buying a hardier ham radio rather than one packed with fancy features.

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